Leisure and Recreation Club

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Leisure and Recreation Club

The Leisure and Recreation Club (LARC) is a club for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their friends, families, and community volunteers. The common purpose for all members is the creation of community-based leisure and recreation opportunities. Club members plan affordable events, attend the theater, enjoy sporting events and shopping trips, and even organize classes. A class may range from weaving to water aerobics. Calendars of events are posted here or you may request to join the mailing list by contacting us below!

Muskegon LARC Calendars

Interested in Muskegon LARC events? Download the calendar of upcoming events here:

Holland LARC Calendars

Interested in Holland LARC events? Download the calendar of upcoming events here:

How Do I Get Started?

For more information, call us at 231.773.5355 or email recreation@pioneerresources.org.

Print our tri-fold brochure below on standard (8.5×11) paper in landscape orientation, double sided, “flip on short edge”. Need more than a few? Call us at 231.773.5355 and we’ll get you what you need.

LARC Event Online Registration