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Find More Than A Job, Find Your Calling

Pioneer Resources has a diverse work force and employs people in the following capacities:

  • Job Coach
  • Behavior Analyst Technician
  • Bus Driver
  • Camp Counselor – Seasonal
  • Community Supports Worker
  • Direct Support Professional
  • Skill Building Mentor
  • Recreational Aide
  • Vocational Crew Leader
  • Supervisor/Manager upon availability

What Our Team is Saying:

I love working at Pioneer Resources because…

  • “Working at Pioneer Resources gives me a sense of belonging, and a purpose!” ~ Kate Robbins, Community Recreation Aide
  • “Every day brings an opportunity to make a positive impact on someone’s life.” ~ Jim Holz, Youth Services Transition Manager
  • “I feel valued. I love making meaningful relationships.” ~ Anonymous
  • “I’ve always wanted to work for a non-profit, because to me, who you work for and what they represent, is far more significant than the actual job itself.  Pioneer Resources is 100% committed to their mission and constantly strives to put the needs of those they serve, and their employees, above all else.  Working for such a community focused organization is a breath of fresh air and makes coming to work extremely rewarding!  Not only do I love what I do, I love who I do it for!”  ~ Jamie Mead, HR Payroll Manager
  • “I love working at Pioneer Resources because I learn so much. I learn the true meaning of being happy, how to love unconditionally and how to truly enjoy the moment. Sometimes we let life rush us so much that just slowing down and enjoying the moments is a life changer.” ~ Alice Ostrander, Group CLS Staff
  • “I am a “newbie employee” on the block for Pioneer. I have been so impressed by this company and the “team” (together everyone achieves more) attitude it takes to make it the stellar company it is!! …… So many fun and amazing memories have already occurred in such a short time for me! I am able to do what brings me JOY and make a living doing it, this is MY open door of opportunity at Pioneer!” ~ Jodi Skinner, Supported Independent Living Supervisor

How to Apply

If you are seeking a rewarding position in a mission-based organization, we welcome your application. Selecting the View Current Jobs link below will open Pioneer Resources job openings with an opportunity to apply. Postings will be closed when filled; additional postings will be created for open jobs.